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Service Statuses
Information about your routes

Service statuses are an integral part of our website and they give you, the rider, the ability to know how each of our Fixed Route Buses are running. There are three (3) different statuses that will be used on this website:

  • On Schedule - When our Fixed Route buses are on schedule and there are no forseeable delays, Normal Service will be the status. You will be able to view the maps and schedules and trust that the buses will be at their primary stops on time.
  • Disruption - When something has happened to one of our Fixed Route buses, we will display the Disruption status. You will be able to see what has caused the disruption in our service and we will give instructions about what our riders should do.
  • Special Information - Every now and then, a special circumstance occurs that will change the way one of our Fixed Route buses will be running. This is not a disruption due to the fact that the bus will be running fine, just differently than planned. We will give all of the information pertaining to the route that has been affected and what our riders should do.

How to View Our Fixed Route Service Statuses

Our Fixed Route Service Buses are displayed on the home page and every sub page, except for the Paratransit section, of this site. You will be able to see the current system status that accompanies the route listing and it will link to a full status listing for every route.

Please contact our office if you have any questions or suggestion concerning our Fixed Route Service Statuses.

All Route Statuses

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Service Statuses
Information about your routes

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